Panel Hospitality - Property Management

Panel Hospitality - Property Management is the new division of the company specializing in bnb and short-term rental property management. We work with owners of apartments, holiday homes, and villas with one common goal: Long-term value creation. We leverage our collective experience and expertise of over 20 years in the demanding field of hotel management to deliver simple and effective solutions to property owners seeking maximum performance.


Panel Hospitality - Property Management

Starter Management
Entry-level bnb and short-term rental property management service for owners who want to start utilizing their property. It is aimed at individual owners who are new to the world of short-term rental property management and need a professional solution to see their property paying off.

Advanced Management
Specialized service aimed at owners who have previous experience with short-term rentals and are ready for the next level. In simple terms, imagine a hotel group managing your property. In addition to the basic services of the starter, we use specialized software in order to register your property on as many booking platforms as possible, as well as to create a direct online booking channel. Your property gets maximum exposure, as well as access to a central booking system with thousands of partner travel agencies and companies. With the advanced service, we manage your property as we manage our hotels: to the maximum.

Branded Management
Whether we like it or not, the supply of short-term rental properties is so great that real estate has become a commodity. Listing on platforms is often not enough and further differentiation is required for the property to have a fair fighting position in the hyper-competitive short-term rental market. Depending on the market and the characteristics of the property, your property is included in one of Panel Hospitality's hotel brands and operated in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Ideal for owners building a new property or looking to renovate an existing one. It is aimed at owners who see their property purely as an investment.

Custom Management
Specialized solutions for owners of more than one property or owners of unique properties who require a special approach.

Our Brands

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