Vision, Mission
& Values

All of us at Panel follow faithfully and always operate with our vision, mission and values in mind. For us this is the only way to achieve our goals and create value for the company itself, but also for all of our current and future customers and partners.

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Panel [ definition ]

The part of a machine or system that includes its controls.

Panos Noulas

Panos Noulas is the co-founder and managing director of Panel Hospitality P.C., as well as president and CEO of Keep Properties S.A. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Hotelschool the Hague in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He has international experience in major hotel chains and startups in Amsterdam, Berlin, Switzerland, and Cape Town. He speaks English, German and Dutch. During the pandemic, he returned to Greece from Switzerland in March 2020 and started operating in the family's hotel. The reason for founding Panel Hospitality was the challenges faced by the family hotel, such as seasonality, lack of staff, and the slow adoption of new technologies, which led him and his sister to the idea of starting a company that would make hotel management an affordable and effective service for small and medium-sized hotels, which represent the most significant volume of the Greek hotel market. At Panel Hospitality, Panagiotis brings experience in general management, strategy, digital transformation, revenue management, and finance.

Eliza Noula

Eliza Noula is the co-founder of Panel Hospitality Private Company and a member of the Board of Directors of Keep Properties S.A. She is a graduate of the Athens Law School. In the hotel sector, she has ten years of experience in the position of general manager in a four-star hotel, as well as experience in an international chain in Berlin. She speaks English and German. As the in-house lawyer and Chief Legal Officer of Panel Hospitality, she combines the art of hotel management with the science of law. With extensive experience in hotels and expertise in tourism and hotel law, Eliza brings know-how to management and leasing agreements, contracts with tour operators, operations management, and human resources management.


We envision a world where hotels run on their own, hoteliers return to the essence of hospitality, and the rest is made possible by Panel.


We strongly believe and advocate the divide between hotel ownership, brand and management. Being hotel owners, marketers and managers ourselves, we comprehend what it means to be a successful and well-rounded hotelier nowadays. It is anything but simple. Panel’s mission is to offer straightforward and holistic solutions that address the real needs of each stakeholder in the modern hotel business.

We achieve this by centralizing all the key managerial, administrative, financial and legal processes, decentralizing and streamlining operations, deploying high-end technology, and hiring skillful people. All by one single Panel. By focusing on each of these three cornerstones (hotel ownership, brand and management) separately and thoroughly, we partner with hotel owners, investors, managers, developers and technology companies, of every size, with three absolute goals in mind:

  • Long-term Asset Value Creation
  • Streamlining and Automation of Operations
  • Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability



In our philosophy, hotel business was, is and always will be about people.

A high-touch, high-complexity orchestration of architecture, people, emotions, and systems that cannot be put in boxes or replaced by an application.

Our number one value is to offer know-how (i.e. hospitality savvy) that will stand the test of time and eventually satisfy all stakeholders.


IQ backed by EQ.

We are a numbers focused hotel company, and we love to make plans based on formulas.

What differentiates us is that we follow and support these plans with EQ.


Topnotch Service.

We strive to offer high quality services 24/7 all year round. We treat all our stakeholders with a high sense of duty.


Effectiveness & Responsibility.

We love ideas. But we love execution more. We take responsibility for the results.


Honesty and Transparency.

We approach our owners, employees and guests with honesty. Each stakeholder is different and has different goals. This is treated with respect and transparency.



We strongly advocate the use of the latest technology in the modern hotel business. Employing an open-minded approach, we choose tools that work depending on the hotel asset and the customers we are dealing with.


Our Brands

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