ePanel Starter

Get started with online bookings.

ePanel Starter

Entry-level online booking optimization and management service.

It is aimed at owners who manage their properties themselves and need a professional approach and management of their online bookings.

With the ePanel Starter service, the owner gets his own online sales department, which guarantees an optimal online presence and professional management of the hotel's online bookings.

Ideal for properties that:

  • Are very small or small businesses
  • Operate seasonally
  • Have a limited online presence
  • Have minimal or no software infrastructure
  • Operate with seasonal and/or unskilled staff
  • Have guarantee contracts with travel agencies and want to utilize a certain number of rooms online
ePanel Starter
Agreement Commission % on reservations
Duration Starting from 1 year
Inception - Performance appraisal
- Assessment of the existing digital presence
- Assessment of the existing software infrastructure
- Preparation of the revenue budget and sales and marketing plan
Preparation - Optimization of the existing digital presence
- Optimization of the existing software infrastructure
- Analysis, design, and implementation of new processes, systems, tools, and software (when needed)
Management - Management of all online bookings
- Starter dynamic pricing and revenue management
- Starter sales and marketing
- Online customer support
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