The control panel of your hotel.


Remote management service for active owners of independent small and medium-sized hotels.

It is aimed at owners who manage their hotel on their own with the basic, often seasonal or even unskilled staff or with the owner's own family, which is required to cover the wide range of daily operations of a hotel.

Technological developments end up appearing hostile, when in fact they have been developed to be a hotelier's tool of profitability based on current needs. In this light, time-consuming and outdated operating models are often retained in the business with all the disadvantages that this entails for the sustainable commercial position of the hotel in the market.

Our company covers this need to modernize the operation of the hotel through ePanel: the control panel of your hotel. With the ePanel outsourcing service, the owner acquires his own "back office", supported by a team of specialized professionals who ensure the smooth coordination of the following:

  • General management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Revenue management
  • Reservations
  • Owner support
  • Communication with the customers
  • Hotel accounting and legal consulting

Our company undertakes the computerization, orchestration, and optimal management of all the above procedures that take place in the back office of a high-standard property.

Through the ePanel service, the owner is relieved of a very large workload that distracts him from his ultimate goal: the actual hospitality of his guests.

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