Astarti Studios

Astarti Studios

Astarti Studios

Startup: Season 2022


Astarti Studios is located in Leptokarya, Pieria, in the area of the so-called "Riviera of Olympus". The location is unique as it combines beautiful beaches, the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus, and many archaeological sites.
The area and our studios are an ideal location for your holiday activities.

Where does the name come from? Astarte is the Hellenized form of the Middle Eastern goddess Ishtar, who was worshipped from the Bronze Age to classical antiquity.

Some information about the studios:
The studios consist of two (2) new buildings with a total capacity of 34 studios.
The studios were opened just prior to the 2016 summer season and since then the studios have operated seasonally.

Our Brands

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